Own cultural product

Holding a free online training

Many of us have at least one creative idea we talk about with our friends drinking a glass of wine in the kitchen. Sometimes these talks remain just talks. Sometimes there are not enough skills to continue work after the first failure.

We know how difficult it can be at the start. Especially when there are no tips, where and how to move. That is why our team decided to help beginners and created free interactive training «How to promote their own cultural product».

What challenge did we face?

The main goal of the training is about to share the experience of the leading experts in art-marketing with as many authors of cultural projects as possible. However, holding intensive training at one time for thousands of people in one room is not very effective. Solving the problem — online broadcast for everyone who has registered and 25 offline participants — the optimal amount for productive training.

What was done?

  • Selected actual topics for the training, prepared lectures
  • Managing of Facebook-page and YouTube-channel of the event, creating a corporate style
  • Creating the merch: notebooks, pens, stickers
  • Found information partners for the training
  • Prepared press-materials
  • Guest radio-airs with Olga Malysh on «Gromadske Radio», «Golos Stolytsi», «Espresso Radio»
  • Cooperation with the Bandura Fest Festival
  • Creating Telegram-channel «We are art» for communication and sharing ideas

Tasks and work

Step 1. Our team won the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation’s grant to hold the training «How to promote your own cultural product».

Step 2. Our team was joined by speakers: founder of Port creative hub Katerina Taylor, brand-manager of the largest online bookstore in Ukraine «Yakaboo» Kateryna Avramchuk, coordinator of Book Arsenal and editor of the cultural project «Chytomo» Oksana Khmelevska and journalist with 12 years’ experience Anton Seminozhenko.

Step 3. We created Facebook-page and YouTube-channel for the event, prepared lectures and chose world cases. And the most responsible moment was selecting 25 participants from more than 1000 applications.

Work with social networks

Facebook was the main platform for engaging the audience to participate in the training. Thanks to the well-targeted advertising of event and interesting content, we received a large number of signups.

As a result, we got 4.2 thousand responses to the event and more than 46,000 unique coverage of Facebook publications and events.

Work with mass media

Our informational partners were «Obozrevatel», «Gromadske Radio», «Gazeta.ua» and «Old Fashioned Radio». During the promo-period, we got an expert article in «Gazeta.ua», «LiveKarabas», guest radio-airs with Olga Malysh on «Gromadske Radio», «Golos Stolytsi», «Espresso». The total number of publications in the media during the period of the project is 40.

Cooperation with Bandura Fest

Within the cooperation with the cultural project Bandura Music Days, we held 2 free lectures at the Bandura Fest Festival and invited guests to participate in our training. In a response, bandura players from the band «Shpyliasti Kobzari» played at our training.





online views on the event’s YouTube channel


mentions about training in the info-space

over 183 thousand

info-contacts in Facebook

over 2.8 million

info-contacts in mass-media

over 3 million

general coverage of publications about training in October-November