Fundraising organization for the project of the All-Ukrainian Volunteer Center «People's ».

Blood loss is one of the most common causes of death in the ATO area. And we helped raise funds for a new Krovomobil in 2016. It is a specially equipped car, which deliver blood to the forefront.

What challenge did we face?

Hundreds of volunteer organizations and funds appeared in Ukraine over 2 years of war. But unfortunately not all of them proved themselves the well way. As a result the society didn’t trust so easily the volunteer movement and its attempts to raise funds.

That’s why our main result in this project is building a trust among Ukrainians to the initiative «Krovomobil».

What was done

  • Work with opinion leaders
  • Preparing publications to draw attention to the problem
  • Creating trailers for TV and social outdoor advertising

Within the framework of the project it was planned to collect UAH 457 000 for 3 months.

But it was collected more than 600 000 UAH for one and a half months.




TV-news reports at "1 + 1", "5 channel", ICTV




publications in the mass-media

Advertising campaign appeared on the billboards and citylights on the roads to Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov and Lviv