Lviv Publishers’ Forum

Communication support and help in holding the event

Lviv Publishers’ Forum — one of the most notable literary festivals in Ukraine.

Bars, restaurants, libraries and palaces of Lviv become Forum locations for a whole week every year in September. More than a hundred of publishers present their new books. And thousands of guests hurry to see their favorite writers, poets and to take a part in the maximum number of events.

This is a real book Disneyland.

What challenge did we face?

It was an honor for us to work with such a large-scale event, which has such a long history.

On the one hand, еhe Forum is a very traditional project and it has its own rules and features dictated by the format. But on the other hand, we were required to bring something new into the way of the Forum’s coverage in social networks and the media.

What was done?

  • Help in organizing of press-conferences, presentation of books and holding master-classes
  • Partners and sponsors searching
  • Preparing of broadcasts on TV, radio and media publications
  • Managing pages in social networks


17 000+

mentions in social media and mass-media

2 215

the maximum number of publications about the Forum in one day

8 405

authors mentioned the Forum

80 000+

guests visited the Forum in the period from 11 to 17 September 2017

grown 3 times

the number of publications about the Forum, сompared to 2016