Bosch Ukraine

Social project «Goverla», managing of the regional press office and other projects for Robert Bosch ltd.

BOSCH is a world leader in the development of automobile, building and industrial technologies. The sphere of company interests in Ukraine also includes social and educational initiatives. Below are examples of projects that we implemented for Bosch.

What challenge did we face?

Each country has its own specifics, which should be considered in brand communications. For 1.5 years we coordinated the company’s press office in 3 countries and formed effective work with the media in the whole region.

What results did we achieve?

Special projects

Bosch Academy opening in Kharkiv and Lviv (2013)

Task — Organizing and holding events with the participation of the company’s top management.
What results did we achieve
– More than 200 guests: representatives of city administrations, technical and intellectual elite
– 25 accredited journalists;
– 3 TV-shows, 7 publications in print media and more than 60 materials in online media.

«Goverla» (May-June 2016)

Ecological project, initiated to clean the area near the Bistritsa River in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.
Tusk: to draw attention of regional mass media
60+ publications about the project in a month;
4 TV-story about the project;
3 radio-broadcasts about the project;
2 detailed articles from journalists, who personally participated in the project;
300+ new subscribers in social networks for in a month.

«Charity in art»(2016)

Corporate calendar preparing. Internal project for workers and partners of Bosch

«What is charity for you?»
This question was answered by students of the art secondary school named after T.G. Shevchenko. Young artists painted more than 100 works and 12 of the them were used to create a corporate calendar-coloring.
The originals of best paintings were sold at the Bosch auction. The part of proceeds went to the authors’ fees and other part was transferred to Zaluchansky orphanage.