Bez broni

Promo-campaign for the all-Ukrainian project of social adaptation and psychological rehabilitation of ATO participants

The project «Bez broni» consists of two stages. The first contains the creation of a unified database of psychological and legal assistance centers for ATO participants. The second stage is the initiative «Path to Yourself», which tells about the stories of people who could return to a peaceful life.

What challenge did we face?

It was necessary to cover more than 30 000 veterans of the ATO from different regions in Ukraine. And we a special proposal for them — they can ask for help, including psychologists, but it’s not a weakness. It is a courageous action.

Due to the fact that we could conclude a partnership with the holding company «1+1 media» and UMH Group, the project had a huge support in the media.

What was done

  • Creating the series of video-clips for placement by media partners of the project
  • A banner campaign with opinion leaders, who has authority among militaries
  • Organization of press-events for journalists
  • Guest TV-spots with project experts


The characters of our promo-campaign were ATO veterans, whose stories and personal examples could inspire other militaries.

One of the most important directions of work was cooperating with media in the regions. We needed to tell the participants of the ATO about specific initiatives, which are working in their region.


We conducted interactive sessions as part of the press—events. So journalists could try on themselves psychological techniques to overcome stress and relieve tension.

By results of 3 events we have next resuts:

–          40 publications in the media;
–          15 TV-reportage;
–          6 radio-reportages.

There were 14 interviews and comments from project experts at «Channel 5», «2 + 2», «Ukrainian Radio», «Gromadske Radio», «Radio svoboda».



video outs of promo-video at «1 + 1», «2 + 2», TRK «Ukraine», «112th» and «24th channels»


radio-broadcast "Melody", "Rocks", "Russian radio", "Chanson"

3 500 000