This spray used for the prevention of throat diseases. It is based on silver ions, sage extract and other natural components.

What challenge did we face?

When it’s cold outside, the market is oversaturated with pharmaceuticals. Therefore, a new product is very difficult to become visible. But thanks to our high-quality media analytics and a creative idea, the sales of product have grown up. However, due to the high-quality media analytics and the creative idea, we could ensure sales growth of funds on 30%

What was done

  • Communication campaign planning
  • Positioning development
  • Preparing and posting of media materials
  • Managing the product’s page in Facebook
  • Promo-campaign «Health Box» in social networks
  • Creating the idea and filming the commercial is video


«Health box»

There’re moments, when care is not superfluous. Especially when you have a sore throat and cough. That’s why we found in social networks people, who complained of the disease and sent them «Boxes of health»: tea, spray «Gorlospas» and other pleasant goods.

During the action 10 sets were sent.


11 000+

coverage of posts with the mention of #healthbox


publications in the media


reactions to publications